What we do

We provide consultancy services and create programs for automated Document Comparison. We also undertake research and development into what makes us recognise similarity between sentences, and how that human facility can be translated into computer programs.

Current Work
Document Comparison

The programs

About CFL

CopyCatch has been used by UCAS since September 2007 to help them verify the personal statements of applicants.UCAS's new plagiarism service  Find out how
Richard West & Associates 
Our exact matching program

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Centre for Forensic Linguistics  
Our namesake organisation
Aston University launched this Centre in April 2008 and David Woolls is Honorary Visiting Fellow there. Read more here.
Award winning web music innovators, Slicethepie needed something innovative from CFL too - a review monitoring program that worked online. It went live in September 2008.  
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Slicethepie web site 
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What we did next
Not content with changing the music review landscape, the Slicethepie team came up with the idea of trying to predict what people might want to listen to. They asked us to help them read the reviews, and semantic music search was born.  
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