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CIIPM 2018, Cambridge, UK

We are giving the first ever workshop at CIIPM 

Here are the details:

Why can I believe this? Using automation to support FTO and Invalidity searching

We will be showing and using Patent Reader and SpanMatch .

This workshop addresses the three major concerns we picked up from conference attendances last year, trust in automated systems, completeness of search and relevance of results. Participants will be able to see the way advances in hardware can be used with software programs which aim to reflect the search methods used by humans, as described in best practice for both applicants and examiners. 

We will give a brief overview of the purpose and development path of both programs and the data that can be utilised. 

Then we will demonstrate the working of the programs and encourage users to bring their own data or requests along to discover for themselves the comprehensiveness of the search and the ways in which the results can be presented and explored to reflect the search workflow.

The base data set has been supplied by Lighthouse IP and covers all the patents and application electronically available between 1976 and 2017 for EPO, WIPO and the USPTO.  In full use the programs are not limited to those authorities and can also handle NPL literature, which will also be demonstrated.

We will also show that the programs are not restricted to use in English, with the capacity to handle Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as French and German.

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