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Plagiarism and Fraud


Monitoring for plagiarism preserves the integrity of qualifications.  Our program is designed to help you identify clearly and accurately any suspicious similarity between documents and sources .  Likewise, fraudulent activity or patterns can be identified and monitored in real-time.


Where users are intending to obtain a financial benefit fraudulently, as with the copying and pasting of the same review multiple times, Investigator can monitor previous reviews on an individual ID basis and send automatic notification to payment programs or administrators.  We created such a system for the new music review site Slicethepie. 

InvestigatoR - Plagiarism

Designed for large-scale users, this API is normally tailored for specific purposes, from visual interfaces to automated monitoring systems running on very powerful multi-threading computers. Users include professional bodies and commercial organisations with large amounts of data to monitor.  Among others, Investigator has been been used by the Open University to monitor their student’s use of online OU material and to check for collusion since 2003.  UCAS have used a real-time version for monitoring personal statements since September 2007.