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Patent Reader Case Studies


Given training material that included a real patent, the challenge was to find the original patent and any associated patents relevant to the company, the inventor or the field of the invention.

Running two searches, covering 2010-2011 and 2012-13, the top ten ranked items for each met the requirements, with the application for the example being found in 2010 and the granted patent in 2013.


A company provided a specification and two class codes they believed relevant to the area of the invention.  We ran just the specification against the claims for previous years.  The ranked results included two classifications not considered by the company, one of which was highly relevant to an understanding of the breadth of the field of the invention.


Given simply the claim for a patent a company believed was being infringed, the top two items in the ranked results reported applications or granted patents identifying the assignee company which was believed to be infringing, which confirmed the suspicions.  


We were provided with an email detailing the problem and solution relating to an invention, by a company seeking development funding. We were able to produce a report clearly identifying the other main players in the field, most of them addressing the same problem, but few of them doing so with the solution developed by the company.  This enabled a very focused description of the relevance of the invention in the funding application.