CFL Software



Computational Forensic Linguistics

CFL Software Limited was founded in 1994 by David Woolls, who has been involved with computational forensic linguistics since the mid-1980s.

The predominant work until the last five years has been producing tools for the identification and prevention of plagiarism, collusion and infringement of copyright. The growth of the company has resulted from the interest in both the legal sector and the web community in the high precision identification of similarity required for evidential data. This has driven the development of a search engine which uses clauses, sentences or whole documents as search input and the design and implementation of real-time monitoring tools for web use.

Consultancy Services

Our primary business is the provision of consultancy services to professional, legal, governmental and research organisations in the fields of authorship attribution casework, advice on plagiarism prevention and detection, and implementation of document monitoring programs for time-critical applications.

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